Elevate Yoga Okanagan

Strong and Sweet.

Steady and Comfortable. 

Effort and Ease.

Sthira and Suhkam.

Kelowna yoga teacher training at UBCO 200h, heli-yoga

In the 196 verses of the yoga sutras, only one gives any direction regarding the physical aspect of yoga:

Sthira Sukham Asanam. 

Sthira means strong and steady. 

Sukham means sweet and comfortable. 

This simple prescription outlines the guidelines for creating an appropriate practice for any student: finding shapes that are a balance of effort and ease. This looks different in each and every body and shifts from day to day. Finding balance means finding the practices that pull you towards center- if you’ve been working in the body all day this may be a gentle flow or yin practice. If you’ve been in the mind all day, this could be a fast paced vinyasa class to hijack the mind or a restorative practice to calm the nervous system. My goal as a teacher is to fill each student’s yogi toolbox full of tools to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to get to know when to use each, to best support each step of the journey through life.