Some words from Sarah's YTT Graduates

This training has been absolutely amazing. Before making the decision to do this training, I had a lot of hesitancies and questions. I spent a lot of time learning about what others who had gone through a YTT-200 wish they had known before to learn more about what to expect. The general consensus seemed to be that a YTT-200 is so much more than what you expect. That proved to be extremely true. I went into this training hoping to deepen my personal practice and learn how to share it with others. What I got out of it was that, but so much more. This training was challenging in so many ways- physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. It was also so rewarding in all of these ways. I never could have guessed how life changing this entire experience would be. It has truly had an impact on every single aspect of my life and significantly changed how I view the world, those around me, myself, and the practice of yoga. Sarah and Tanya made this training so unbelievably worth it. The wealth of knowledge and experience they have to share is truly inspiring. Both Sarah and Tanya provided so much in depth knowledge. To be able to teach aspiring yoga teachers how to navigate their way into the world of yoga, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, is a gift. The information provided in this training has laid a strong foundation for teaching, touching on so many different aspects of what truly makes a good yoga teacher. I feel that we covered this information in the most beneficial ways, diving deep into the core information, while still making time to cover other aspects that we can choose to discover more about in the future. Sarah and Tanya both combined what we were learning with their own personal insights, allowing for really well-rounded and applicable explanations of tough topics.  I feel so well equipped with this new breadth of knowledge and Tanya and Sarah are to thank for that. They made me feel comfortable enough in this group to open up, share, and be vulnerable throughout this journey. On a personal note, this training really opened up so many things for me, outside of just yoga.  I discovered so many things about myself and was given so many tools for managing and navigating my own personal life. I could not be more grateful for this journey and all that it has brought into my life, including the two amazing women that brought it all together.

Megan G - 2020 YTT Graduate

Sarah's 200 hour YTT was incredible! It was a very well-rounded training that touched on several different types of practices, like yin, restorative, even prenatal, in addition to an extensive training in vinyasa flow. As a YTT graduate from Sarah Daniels, I feel prepared to teach different types of classes right away. Sarah also has expertise in marketing and approaching the yoga community as a business, which is a really valuable skill for new instructors. Sarah creates a warm and supportive learning environment at the same time as setting high and achievable expectations for her students. We completed our training with a beautiful lunch and graduation ceremony. I'm so grateful to have embarked on this journey to be trained under Sarah Daniels!

Kaylee M - 2019 YTT Graduate

I have been lucky enough to have taken my YTT 200hr certification with Sarah over the past 6 months. She has been such an inspiration and extraordinary leader. Her classes always leave me relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. I was very nervous about doing the certification but her warm and bubbly persona made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Thank you Sarah for such an amazing experience this will not be the last class I take with you, that's for sure!

Larissa S - 2019 YTT Graduate

Sarah was very thorough with her teaching; she ensured we were all on the same page before moving on to a new topic. I appreciated Sarah's patience and helpful tips she shared, that helped me fully understand the necessary material. I would definitely take another training with Sarah! I went into this training with an open mind, ready to learn, and I was pleasantly surprised with the wealth of knowledge I completed my 200hr YTT with. I didn't expect to have such a warm experience; this training was full of lessons that helped me gain more self-love, confidence, and the power of knowledge that allows me to pursue my personal yoga practice further.

Faith B - 2019 YTT Graduate

Sarah’s warm enthusiasm made it easy to adapt to the course. Her endless scope of yogic knowledge, her patience and understanding attitude made it easy to attain the information I needed to improve my own practice, my body and mind. Her light hearted aura through out class and genuine passion for her practice, compelled me enough to roll out of bed at 7 A.M. and inspired me to continue on with my own yogic journey.

YTT Graduate

Awesome instructor and person in general- Sarah is very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about what she does which shines through in her teaching- her 200hr YTT course, partnered with AYCY went above and beyond what I expected, leaving me with a strong foundation of many different yoga related topics- This course helped me grow into becoming a yoga teacher and has provided me with tools and knowledge necessary in developing my practice to share with others! Thank you, Sarah, for the wonderful experience!

Shelby D - 2017 YTT Graduate

Amazing teacher training! It was far above and beyond what I expected - Sarah made the entire 200 hour experience engaging, fun, and unique. I felt completely ready to teach by the end of it!

Alex C - 2016 YTT Graduate

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity (200 hour Yoga Training) with Sarah :-D As some may be aware of stories how yoga expands your perspective. I forgot about the challenges of life growth that comes along with it. Sarah's experience, patience and encouragement helped me grow. I appreciated her flexibility and diversity of helping us experience a wider range of yoga than I anticipated. Definitely bursted and expanded my yoga experience:-D Over time, I believe she will have even more wisdom to share and compassion for the diverse people who are interested in the full experience of yoga :-D even, if you are wanting only the physical aspect of yoga, open your mind, heart and soul and I believe you will not regret this experience. (There were a few moments where it was challenging and I am grateful I completed it:-) This was the best treat I had given myself, and worth all that comes with 200 hours of training!

Emma L - 2016 YTT Graduate

The BEST yoga/meditation workshop I have ever attended. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers the material eloquently. She provides both factual information as well as her life experiences to enlighten students of all levels. I personally am inspired by her passion for well being and have benefited tremendously from her class. Seriously people take a course from her, you will not be disappointed.

Kels - student

I am so thankful I chose Sarah’s 200hr YYT for my training route. Her course was extremely well-rounded on so many elements (physiology, spirituality, psychology, business, safety etc). She was extremely adaptive throughout the training, catering to the scheduling needs of students as they came up. Things like this, made Sarah’s YYT super accessible. She also proactively communicated opportunities to make the training financially accessible, which I am so grateful for. I am graduating feeling like I learnt so many things from so many different perspectives in a way that has created a concrete foundational base for myself as an instructor. I feel so lucky to have such a strong base to kick off from in the beginning of my yoga teacher path, and feel limitless.

Veronika Z - 2017 YTT Graduate

The 200HR yoga teacher training I received from Sarah & Tanya exceeded all of my expectations. Their knowledge as well as how they deliver the content is outstanding. Both of them are excellent at creating a safe learning environment where you feel confident to be yourself and open to ask any and all questions. One of the things I enjoyed most about the training is how the information shared was not bias in any ways. Both Tanya and Sarah have a well balanced understanding of all of the different views and perspectives in the yoga community and choose to share it from a neutral perspective. I would highly recommend this training to anyone seeking a further understanding of the practice of yoga in their personal life as well as anyone with the desire to actively teach!

Kelsey-Ann R - 2020 YTT Graduate


More Feedback from Students


Sarah always leads me into a zen state. She has an aptitude that makes me feel so comfortable and capable on the mat. This has enabled me to go so much further in my practice. She offers a variety of elements in her classes (meditation, yoga nidra, chakras, fun asanas etc), which makes your mind, body and spirt feel restored and enriched every time. She is very adaptive and loves to teach to the class that shows up. Meaning she is flexible in her teaching abilities in a way that adheres to the present yogi’s skill, energy and mood levels creating an overall fun and sensitive teaching.

Veronika Z